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Hi mummies, FTM here. How long do you breastfeed or giving your breast milk to your little one? I'm having trouble breastfeeding / pumping, so I'm curious and also afraid if I give my little one only formula milk, people would judge me. Of course, I'm trying my best to feed the breast milk. If you have any tips using the breast pump, please share!

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No one have the rights to judge you, you are still feeding baby regardless of bm or formula. I personally wanted to breastfeed cause people say will lose weight (young mom want pretty), it was very hard and it took a toll on my body and sanity. I struggled for the first few months but managed to pump till 18mo as it became an attachment. Even when I was still pumping and giving bm to my baby at 9mo, I had people telling me that my milk is useless. Whatever you do, there will always be naysayers so just ignore them. I took sunflower lecithin to thin out my milk (I take a lot of mala @.@), apply some nipple cream or coconut oil before you pump to prevent friction from pumping. Handsfree pumps works better for me and gave me a better yield compared to pumps with tubes. Also be sure you have the correct flange size. For first few days, you can get someone to massage for you to unclog your milk. Regardless, don’t stress about having to give only bm to baby, mix feeding is equally good too. They all end up eating Macdonalds anyway 😂. Also, if you stress too much, your supply will be affected!

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I was a low supply mom too. My boy had to be given formula just aft 3 days cz he was admitted to NICU due to severe jaundice and I didn't have enough to pump, hardly anything even in the first week. I was so depressed and tried all sorts of things to increase supply and tt made me gain so much weight due to all the lactation bakes. Still no progress till I tried Legendairy Milk supplements. More than what I cld get before tt but still not enough to satisfy my boy so I still supplemented with formula for some feeds. but I had to stop pumping/breastfeeding once I went bck to work cz being a teacher I hardly have time to pump at work. and the stress frm work affected my supply once more even tho I was still on the supplements. So I just gave up at 6 months. Still feel guilty but I consoled myself tt my boy is still growing healthily, still within the top 75 percentile for growth even tho I cldnt give my milk. Told myself I've alr tried my best. So pls dont stress yourself out. Give whatever you can and ignore whatever ppl say ok!

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3mo ago

Nope lactation bakes did not work for me. It really depends on individual. For me Legendairy Milk supplement worked. For this, it's a trial and error at first. I had to try several different bottles first before I cld find the one that worked well for me (Cashcow and Lecithin). Pricier than lactation bakes but at tt pt of time, I'd do anything to try increase my supply for baby.

I’m a low supply mom. I hate the mom guilt that we are not providing “enough”. I came across a message that says “breastmilk isn’t the only good food that you’re going to provide to your child thoughtout his/her life”, it somehow lifted the weight on my shoulder. Now I share it with you, hope it lightens you a bit. Drink more fluid, take breastfeeding supplements, check the flange size. Take care!

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please don’t be affected by other people’s judgement!! you need to be in better company with encouraging mummies. you do what is best for your situation, don’t be bothered abt others. but what trouble are you having, that will help in narrowing down what kind of tips you need