When LO sit unsupported

My LO turns 7mth today but still cant sit well. Sld i get to worry?

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Don’t worry some kids take time ..

Don't worry..They will when they are ready

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Hi... don’t worry. Every child development is unique

Don’t worry so much. Different baby different milestone

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Should be fine...Just continue to monitor for another month or so

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Just continue to monitor. My lo only sit unsupported at 20 months.

It can be common. But should you think it’s worrying, you can visit your OB and seek consultation :)

Hi, There is nothing to worry about. Every child has different growth process so it will happen gradually. Just keep monitoring

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Different kids take different amounts of time to develop the various skills. Just keep practising, and your LO will get there soon:) and monitor all the other milestones eg. Fine motor skills, babbling, etc. If all the skills are not there, then seek medical attention.

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Not to worry. Mine also faced the same problem and only able to sit well without support around 10 months old. Different kids have different milestone developments. Ur LO will definitely catch up.