When can your LO sit on their own?

My little one is almost 4months old, she can flip from back to tummy, but she can't support herself when we put her in sitting position. Just a guide, bout how old does your baby manage to sit unsupported?

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Super Mum

Usually they start sitting unsupported around 6-8 months. From about 5-6 months, you may try putting your LO in the tripod position and she may be able to balance on her own for her couple of seconds:) At the moment, just keep letting sit up with support for a few seconds each time and she’ll gradually get stronger and be able to maintain the position longer.

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My boy able to sit up with support about 5 months. And before he turned 6 months, he was able to sit up without support. Dont worry mummy, they will do it on their own once they ate strong enough and is ready to do it.