7 Months Old

I am worried. My daughter is turning 7 months but she still cant sit unsupported and she cant crawl. She only have 2 bottom teeth. My other friends whose baby is 1 or 2 months older than her can already sit and crawl. Im so stress now.

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7 months most milestone charts don't have crawl yet and every child is unique in development. I guess so long the doctor says all development rate normal can already. You may also want to see https://www.kkh.com.sg/patient-care/conditions-treatments/development-growing-up

My baby until 6 month was not able to crawl because I often placed him into the walker. After I didn’t use it and put him on the floor all the time, he started crawling and developed so fast. He could sit up by himself.

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Give more tummy time. When LO on tummy, put her favorite toy infront of her to encourage her to reach out for it. Dun be stress mummy, every baby develop differently. Wait till your next doc appt and ask doc for advise.

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Hi mummy! My baby is turning 7 months very soon too, but no teeth yet and not crawling too! You're not alone! Please don't be too worried! Just give them their own time to hit their milestones.. 😉

Development milestones vary from child to child. keep it mind. If you have any Concern about your baby's development. Please consult your baby's doctor.

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Don't compare. My girl only had her first tooth at 11months, while my cousin kids have his first tooth at 4months. All kids milestones are different.

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Don't worry mummy! My lo only grow his 1st teeth when he was 10months old. Every baby's milestone is different. Don't compare and stress yourself :)


Every baby is different. My baby only start to really crawl on her knees and 10 month old and 1 week later she can stand.

Dont worry mommy. Mine is almost 6 months, cant crawl and sit unsupported also. Every baby is unique, cheer up!

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Don't worry. Each baby develop differently. She will eventually reach there.