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my LO is 2 weeks old... I notice the back of his head abit flat... what cn I do to make it round again?? ?

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Nothing works for me 😂 I was upset like you at first thennafter a few weeks I gave up😂 PD says it’ll get better as baby head grow and when they learn to lie on tummy instead

My mum told me when young have to use hand to keep like so so his head clockwise or anti clockwise. When ever I carry my LO I will so so my LO at the back of his head

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When put your baby on bed, try to change his head on the side. Adjust it whenever you see him laying on the back

There are some special pillows that shapes the young head..

Buy those pillow w center hollow

Hi, Please support your baby's head with round pillows and also please try changing position of the baby while sleeping