baby got flat head

My baby is 4months now. His head look flat n make his face quite big. How did mummies do to get back the head round? Pls advice. Thx

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Hi mummy, found this article, hope it can help you..

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Did your PD mention anything about his head? Some babies will wear helmet to gently shape their skulls as they grow.

you can make a rice pillow for the baby and it will help your baby to correct the cuties head shapes.

You may like to get advises from the PD, they will check and advise accordingly :)

Better check with your PD...I think they will let him wear a helmet

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Maybe let your baby sleep on his side but best check with the pd..

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Please consult your PD for advice. Do not self medicate

Consult ur PD. Usually they will recommend a helmet.

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Usually ll auto recover. 4 mths seems unusual.

Get the dimple pillow