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Third Trimester
I recently discovered that my breast is producing clear sticky liquid . Is it normal and if so ... what I need to do ?
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Normal if u have. Wear nursing pads
Heart Burn Relief ??
Which herbs or recipe helps in after meal heart burn reflux in 3rd trimester? I would love to hear about some teas as well.
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Ginger tea might help
Pregnancy Brain
How to feel more sharp during 3rd Trimester? I am so forgetful now a days that its affecting my life.. How you guys cope ?
Get active, walk/swim? Write tasks or set reminder to ease your memory? And normally those pregnancy vits got omega-3/DHA can help our brains too, I suppose?
Third Trimester Symptoms ?
What are the major changes during 3rd Trim ?
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Need to urinate more often because of increased pressure on the bladder. Swelling of the ankles, hands, and face (edema) as you keep retaining fluids.
Normal Delivery Tips /Advice
Hello Ladies I would like to know about your expiriences in having a normal delivery and any suggestions for a 1st time mom?
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Breathing techniques
Hi Everyone, Could you suggest me the sleeping positions at night ? I love sleeping on my back but is it necessary to sleep on ( LEFT SIDE) like expirienced people suggest ??? P.S I am just in my
I slept on my side... I also bought a wedge pillow from mothercare and placed it under my tummy while I slept.. It provided support and comfort for me!
Pregnancy Myths or Facts ??
Hi everyone, What fruits to avoid during pregnancy? I hear this stereotype frequently that I must not eat pineapple or Papaya because it can cause miscarriage. It is just a myth or it has some fa
Hi, ripe papaya is good. And pineapple, so far I dint take. However, I still eat pineapple rice. I believe 1 pc is ok when u wanna eat. U not going to take everyday right. Eat moderate and alternate
Pregnancy Travel Advice
I was thinking to travel in my 2nd trimester. I normally carry some generic medicines with me. But as I am pregnant,can anyone suggest me some ( pregnancy safe ) medicines for fever , stomach upset
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The generic cold medicine piriton is ok.But consult your doctor on this for all medicine in general
1st Trimester
I am 9 weeks pregnant. From the beginning I didn't have nausea or morning sickness. I had my transvaginal scan at week 7 and ob/gym showed me a heartbeat of the embryo. I am always worried if this i
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I also hardly have any morning sickness during my pregnancy but my baby turned out to be fine too. Not to worry. Morning sickness varies for individuals. :)