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Baby is 5 weeks old and has flat head at the back and “pointy” looking at the top of his head. I bought him clevamama pillow (dimple) and he develop flat head and it got worse. I was told yaolan can help to “reshape” and make it rounder. Please share your experience on baby sleeping in yaolan. Will head return to its original shape? (or what can I do to make it rounder) i can’t find any such information on the net. I feel really bad for my baby and felt that I am such a failed mum.

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You don't need the swing. Let your baby sleep on his sides and keep changing. Put a towel or something to support his back (make sure to swaddle) so he does not sleep or lie flat. When you bath baby, gently press the pointy part of his head. Do that everytime on every bath. My mum thought me this method. I have 4 kids and 1 of my kid had a pointy head cos I stopped ½ way while pushing so I did the head press but gently. Yes it works.

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1y ago

Yes, will do also. I normally do it when I'm shampooing baby's head. It will take some days but you'll notice the result after that.

yaolan can only prevent it from worsening. it will not reshape to its original lah. my boys still have some flathead after sleep yaolan