im a young mom at the age of 22years old but i look 16. n every time i bring my baby out with me, i get a lot of stares from people. it really hurts in a way ppl r still so judgemental... there was one lady who asked how old was i n i replied 22 she told me i was so young too young in fact. n another mom overheard n told her 21yo daughter "better study hard if not you end up like her." & fyi i WANTED to be a young mom, i didnt want to have a big generation gap with my kids yknow. i hate how ppl r saying the only reason i got married n have a kid now is bc shotgun or unplanned but in fact it isnt!! my husband n i actually alr planned to rom bc we applied bto tgt n have been tgt since we were 14yos! sigh i feel so judged every time i go out... sometimes i wish i look more "chao lao" (old looking)

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Be happy and proud. You can enjoy your baby while young. It’s the best thing


You are blessed with good genes so celebrate it. Be proud of it. So many women wish they look a lot younger than their years so revel in it. As for comments from others, in one ear and out the other ear. You live your life and you should not care what others say about you. No one has any right to meddle in other people’s life.

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Just ignore them! don't let it affect u

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Dont worry girl, u are not weird to be a young mom. A young mom is good as u can communicate much more better when ur child enter sec sch!! Im 36 my eldest is 16! I gave birth to him at 20 and im proud to be a young mom.. Dont care abt what others say or see u! Let them stare they're just jealous abt u 🤭🤭

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Simply ignore these people... it's your life and you live it the way you want!

You dont hv to answer their qn, if i were you, i will simply walk away

Don’t care about others.

Ignore them! I am a 21 year old single mum! Let them say whatever they want to say. You do you. Afterall, you are the one living the life. You go girl 🙌

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Ignore the negativities! Live the life you want, you can never fulfil everyone’s expectations. As long as you’re happy, why care about others words or thoughts?