Pregnancy Weight Gain

I'm worried that im gaining so much weight now that I'm in my 2nd trimester. mummies can you please share how many kgs you gain on your pregnancy? thank you!

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i gained alot, like 15kgs. my first trimester i had bad morning sickness. i lost around 5kgs but yeah i picked up some kilos along the way from 2nd trimester till now im popping soon. i just tell myself to enjoy eating & as long as baby is in good health. But... i will go a strict confinement to shed all these fats ive gained. for now dear... just eat. ☺️☺️

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34 weeks, gained 10kg. As long as your baby is gaining good weight checked by your gynae, whats the worry for? My cousin wife is so conscious with weight gained, end up the baby wasnt growing up in the tummy and doctor has to csect take the poor baby out at 32 weeks to supplement externally to make the baby grow. No point worry for something that isnt important.

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1y ago

yep will check with the doctor next appt. thanks again. :)

i’m at week 22 and gained about 3kg altho i eat alot, but i think its bc i’m naturally rly small sized and petite and my weight never went above 47kg before i got pregnant, i only started gaining weight after 17 wks :)

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first pregnancy.. I gained total of 10kg. I’m currently in my 2nd trimester with my second pregnancy and did not gain any yet cause I usually start gaining at third trimester and it’s very drastic from there

At week 32 now, gained 7.5kg so far. Don't worry as long as baby is healthy and gynae says all is good 👍🏻

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I also gain quite a lot compared to other mummies here unfortunately 😭 18 weeks, gained 4kg. How about u?

1y ago

19weeks and 2day i gain 4 1/2 kg ☺

I gained total 14kg, not much in the first trimester, almost 8kg alone in the third trimester!

I gained about 18kg during my pregnancy..from 64kg till 82kg😅

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In third trimester now. Total gained about 8 kg


I gained 22kg throughout 36 weeks pregnancy