Pregnancy weight gain so far?

Hi mummies, how much weight did you gain for your pregnancy? Share your current weight and weight gain thus far! :) for me - Week 37 13kg so far, normal BMI

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Between week 10 and week 14 i gained a total of 4 kg.... my gynae said i gained too much weight... but i tot i was due to not having much appetite during the first trimester as i kept on vomitting and my appetite was better during 2nd trimester. Gynae said 1kg a week is too much and advised me to watch what i am eating and not to eat for 2. But to be honest, i didnt really eat a lot.

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Hi, 4 nw i tink ur weight gain shld nt b an issue. Well everybody is differently. Most importantly is that u count ur babies kicks. if ur baby move less than tats ur worry. Bth mother n baby is healthy and your baby gains minimal weight for delivery tats most important. Enjy ur pregnancy bcz after u deliver u r gona miss them kickin n inside u for 9 mth. Jiayou.

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I've gained 3kg in total only. I've been exercising throughout the entire pregnancy. Only stop at week 36ish due to the pressure at lower abdomen. Baby in good growth rate too :)

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Yes, pregnancy cardio work out. 6 days a week. 30-40 mins a day. Some times add a bit of pregnancy kickboxing. Eat light but healthy.

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I've gained 15kg 34 weeks now Only in my 3rd trimester started to put on weight. The rest 2 I was exercising and didnt have appetite to eat well.

My first gained total 23kg, before preg 65kg, after birth 75kg. My second gained total 12kg, before preg 70kg, after birth 74kg.

I have gained 10kg (wk 31). All gained during second tri. Nowadays my apetite decreasing so the weight maintained without any gain.

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I've gained 6kg in total and my lo weighs 2.6kg when born, now I'm almost back to my original weight of before pregnancy😅

Total gain 8kg at week 37, baby born at 3kg back to b4 birth weight after 2 weeks of csec

Week 21 currently and gained 2kg so far! Lost 8kg all the way till Week 16 🤣

so lng as ur baby gets all the nutrients frm mummy i tink u shld b fine.