Weight gain in first trimester

Hi mummies 👋 How much weight did you gain in your first trimester? I've read like so many lost weight during first trimester but I've already gained 2.5kg 😅 btw, I'm 12weeks 6days today! Heard that second trimester will gain more weight..

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I vomited, was dizzy and nauseated most of the time and had metallic taste in my mouth. However, I still managed to find things I want to eat. So I put on about 3-4kg in the first trimester. I am pretty greedy after the nausea subsided but cut sugar intake. At 32 weeks, I’ve put on 14kgs 🤣😅 but baby is growing well, no GD nor other issues. So, I think all is good! Just try to enjoy the pregnancy (although it can be tough), and go for your regular gynae checks :)

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I had nauseous and bouts of vomiting in my first trimester. I actually lost 2 to 3kg during the first two months but got back to my normal weight few weeks later. now week 14, I probably only gained 1kg from my usual weight. hope the baby is growing well, only will know next thu on my appt after 4 weeks wait!

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2y ago

hihi thank you for sharing! Actually I lost some weight at first then slowly increasing around 2 months plus of pregnancy becuz I am always feeling hungry 🤪 hehe all the best to you & hope all is well on your next appt!

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First tri lost some kgs, but 2nd tri onwards up up up it goes! Hahaha🤣 don't worry about the numbers, just keep in mind healthy mama healthy baby and hope you have a smooth pregnancy journey!

i did not gain weight during my 1st trimester. but towards the end of the 2nd trimester, weight gain suddenly became rapid! now that im due, i gained a total of 15kgs!

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I gained weight too during my first tri... so I guess different mummy have a different experience... As long baby is healthy is more important ☺️

Dont tink weight gain is a concern or at least my gynae was never concerned. I lost weight all the way but baby was okay. 😂

Hi mummy! For my first pregnancy, I gained 7kg during the 1st trimester itself 🤣 but for my 2nd pregnancy, i lost weight.

I didn't really gain any at 1st tri but doc says it's fine because bb was growing. Now starting 3rd tri, gained about 7kg

me too! but because I've been increasingly hungry and keep eating throughout the day so gained weight in first tri already 😅

2y ago

~1.5kg! but honestly i dont rmb the exact weight when i found out i was pregnant. so maybe more 😅 but yes always hungry is a pain if not I'll want to puke

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Actually my 3rd trimester gain the most! First trimester I lose weight! Enjoy your pregnancy!