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At what stage in your pregnancy have you started to gain weight mummies? I just entered my 2nd trimester. I have not gained much weight yet.

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I’m in my third trim now. At 2nd trim, I didn’t gain either until late 2nd trim. To be exact, i am 32 weeks and I gained a total of about 8kg, but I’ve heard of people gaining more than 10 or almost 20kg even. As long as you go for regular checkups and baby is developing, it’s fine even if you don’t gain much! 😊

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Here is a useful calculator with recommendations for weight gain by each week! https://www.calculator.net/pregnancy-weight-gain-calculator.html By week 13, the recommended weight gain is only 0.5 - 2 kg, which is not much at this stage! You’ll gain more in the second and third trimesters.

I am in my second tri and for both pregnancy I didnt gain much till my third tri. I'm naturally small build hence I didnt gain much eventhough I tried too. As of now I am weighing 44.4kg. While for first pregnancy, on my third tri was about 53 to 57kg about there.

dont worry as long as bb is gaining weight, its a blessing not gaining too much during pregnancy... too much means having that much to lose to regain pre pregnancy weight 🙂

3rd trimester. that's when you will gain a lot.

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