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Hi mummies, can you share how many kg have you gained during pregnancy?

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usual weight 47ish kg 1st trimester- 32kg (dropped drastically) now im in third tri 31+3 - 50ish kg i think (increased insanely) 😅

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I gained 20kg! Now 5 months pp, only lost half of it.... hopefully can lose the balance 10kg by CNY🤣

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I’m 35 wks. So far gaining 13 kgs. Omg. I’m so worried about postpartum. 😫😫😫

I've gained 17kg. Now 1 month pp but doesnt seems to have lose any weight😭

20kg, already lost 10kg when I checked at 10 day pp, now I'm at 14 days pp

I'm 33 weeks pregnant from 58kgs before to 70 kgs now.🤗😖😊

Nearly end of 1st tri but still not putting any weight. :(

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I’m 26weeks (6 months plus) and I gain 8kg so far

So far 6-7 kg. I’m going to hit 29 weeks.

I'm 33 weeks, so far gaining 12kgs from 56 to 68