9 Weeks and Showing

I'm only 9 weeks, my tummy is not supposed to be showing. But someone has been noticing and asking me if I'm pregnant. I just told them it's the post CNY fats haha.

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Ganyan din ako nung 9weeks tummy ko sabi nila patang 3mos na daw... Pero ngaung nasa 17weeks na ako sinasabi nila maliit daw...

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English la

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It’s quite common to look bloated at around that time. Haha. I had the same experience 😂

If it’s your second pregnancy, you might show earlier. Else it might also just be bloating.

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Yep, somehow for my second one, it was more obvious!!

Just say that it's a food baby

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😅 mine is obvious @ 2nd tri

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You must be usually slim

Depends on individual.

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Might be bloating

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