19 weeks pregnant & only a small bump should i be worried ?

Hi this is my first pregnancy and i'm currently 19 weeks only showing a non visible bump my friend who is 18 weeks has a bigger bump than me should i be worried?...

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Hey mama! Congratulations! I know it’s only human to make comparisons but try not to do it okay? Remember that every pregnancy is different and you’re writing your own birth story. The important thing is that you’re doing what’s right for you. Think of the good things like - you don’t need to spend extra money on maternity clothes right now and can save for the really trendy ones later - better yet, you might just be able to wear more clothes! :) Take care and be safe!

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Every pregnancy is different. My colleague tld me that i have huge bump at an early stage(im at 15 weeks) whereas when they got pregnant last time they didnt show until theyr at 25 weeks. Dont worry evry bump is different. :) cheer up and be proud of that baby bump

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Nope. Nothing to worry. My bump only appear around week 23. My colleagues didn’t know I’m preg until I’m almost week 30 😂 and I have a perfectly healthy baby . Don’t worry ok?

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Normal. I am about 22wks pregnant now. My colleagues still doesn't know I am pregnant. For my #1, my colleagues didn't know I was pregnant till I am about 2 weeks to my edd hehe

2y ago

Hahah same here. Im nearing 8m only i look pregnant. All that while i just look fat.

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Nope. It’s normal... my first and second pregnancy has small bump. It only start showing ‘later’ usually when the third trimester kicked in

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Nothing to worry about:) every mummy and every pregnancy is different. Just go for your scans to ensure baby’s growing well:)

I don’t have a bump until 25 weeks or so, and once I entered third trimester, my weight just sky rocket

Every pregnancy is diff.. We can't compare to other people bump.. As long as baby is fine.. Then shud be ok

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No need to worry. Just have regular nutritious meals and go for your gynae checks. All will be well :)

Hi, Every pregnancy is different. So as long as the baby is healthy, you shouldn't worry about it too much