I'm 17 weeks and not showing. People are starting to doubt I really am pregnant. This is my first. Is it okay to not be showing at 17 weeks?

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Same here.. 17weeks parang di daw ako buntis. Nakakapag short at sexy na damit p daw ako 🤣🤣🤣

I was also not showing when I was 17 weeks, 28 weeks came I started looking like a whale..

Same here 17weeks nagtataka ako buntis b tlga aq ? Hehe

Same here 17weeks preggy and not showing. 😁

It's normal as long as okay Yung pa check up mo Kay ob


same here po .. Importante is healthy c baby inside . No worries momsh :)

Same here. That's why I'm being paranoid, too. But from my last ultrasound, the OB told me that the baby is doing great and that I just lack water. Maybe that's the reason why I have smaller bump.

Same situation here. Pero okay lang yan. First pregnancy ko din to. Sinasabi ko na lang, kapag buntis kailangan malaki agad yung baby bump? Hehe.

its okay mummy !!! mine only start showing at 7+ months, yet still difficult to get maternity dress for work haha. at 17 weeks, you can still rock with that body 😉 just be more careful