The Unpreferred parent

Hi im a mom. My baby is getting 3yo. She always rejecting me when her dad comes. She will cry like I beat her to death. But trust me, I always love her. She used to love me also.. Now my husband told me that I should stay away, because even my kiss hurt his daughter. I am so heartbroken.. what should I do? Anybody had the same experience? ?

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Tulis jawapan

3 yo kids are good at teasing😂 my daughter is 3yo too and always said that she lovesss her dad than me. just pretend that you’re sulking. And let her know you are so sad to be treated like that. She’ll learn on how to feel empathy :)

Try to stay away for a day or half day from your daughtet n u will see how your daughter will miss u so much.. Trust me.. 😁