Hi mummies, I need some advices on my 1yo girl. After her 6mo old, she become very clingy to me. She doesn't want anyone except me and her dad (occasionally only). I couldn't walk 1 step away from her else she will starts crying until I carry her. How should I handle situation like this? I'm a SAHM, it's hard for me to do anything especially cooking. I try to cook during her morning nap but she just nap not longer than 30 mins. Please help. Raising white flag here. . ?

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hey mom i so relate to your situation! i have two kids and i experienced the same thing with both my kids. my younger one is still a clingy toddler! it is very natural for babies at this age to get too attached and clingy. separation anxiety is at its peak right now. i would suggest that instead of getting hassled, try to work around it while involving your baby. let her sit near you around the kitchen as you cook. put her in her stroller or crib and show her the vegetables and fruits you are using. talk to her as you cook. sing along or do a dance as you stir the pan. even for other chores that you do, keep her close to you, with toys and other things that she loves.

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Thanks for your replies. yes I'm doing this now. better now. thx for your sharing!

Normal i think. Baby at this stage always get too clingy and attached towards someone they get comfortable with. My baby also in this phase. I just talk to her if i want to leave her even for awhile. But make sure, make it quick. If you tell her you just gonna leave her for awhile, but take a long time to get to her back, they will lose their trust towards us

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