My baby only wants to be held by me

Hi fellow moms, has anyone experienced something similar to me? My 5-month-old baby seems to only want me. When her dad tries to hold her, she cries. But when I hold her, she smiles at my husband 😭 I don't know if this is amusing or not, but she only smiles at her dad when I'm holding her πŸ™ƒ Since I don't have a maid, I have to do house chores while holding her, and it can be tiring because she's already 6kg. My arms definitely get sore after a while. Have any other moms experienced the same thing?

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my 1y3m son happy to be held by his father, but i need to be there.. he can play by his self but i need to be there, if i move a little then he will stop playing.. πŸ˜‚ i'm happy to be his safe place, but its tiring, need to stay in his eyes all the timeπŸ˜…

i do all the house chores when my baby sleep.. but of coz, u need to work super duper fast! 🀣

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try letak baby dlm walker. then letak berhampiran tmpt awak buat kerja