I'm in my early 7th week and went for scanning today and doctor confirmed there was no baby in my sac. He said I might have had miscarriage but still can show signs as if you are pregnant. Can I know how long will it take to be back to normal?

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Mcm saya pernah keguguran masa tu usia kndungan lbih kurang awk.dalam 3 minggu lebih kurang, janin akan keluar dlm bentuk kantung..

6d ago

lps da keluar kntung tu tanam mcm tnm uri ke atau buat mcm mana ya. tringin nk tau

Seek a gynecologist advice dear. Wait for complete miscarriage or should do a d&c. After 2 weeks you feel normal

3y ago

Thank you. ❤️

Did the bleeding started? I'm sorry for your lost.

3y ago

Thank you. Yes it's been bleeding