1 month confinement done. After miscarriage..

My husband wish to had a try, my body still weak this time.. But he insisted to try because he know I'm still upset about my previous miscarriage.. My son still asking when can he hold the baby.. I said baby now is in our heart and baby already gone to heaven... Mommy need time to recover then mommy will have again... My son upset I can't give him a sibling right away.. I don't blame my son because he's still little boy.. 😭😭😭

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take ur time mommy .. bila u dah rasa ok dan dah bersedia baru try untuk pregnant lagi k...😉✌🏻 i know u can do it..fightimm✊🏻🔥 salam takziah dari saya papepun mommy kena kuat tau...

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