9 Weeks 3 Days

My pregnancy 9 weeks 3 days now but recently went for 1st scanning and doc said my baby size is 6 weeks. Most probably because my irregular menses/period. So the date will be slightly inaccurate. But yesterday I had bleeding and so were today. Went to doc, and scan again, the baby sack is still there but she said if in 3 days still bleeding, I should go to hospital. I'm worried. Is this a sign of miscarriage? Pls help..

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Tulis jawapan

Better straight go to hospital. My cousin also like that m when she went to hospital they said her uterus is weak and they stop her in hospital for some medication drips. Now she is OK. Anyhow walk in to hospital to find out. Don't wait

Don't think to much. Just more bedrest. Always positive.