I’m in dilemma not sure whether I should send my baby to infant care or hire a stay in helper. Infant care is so expensive (we are not Singaporeans). Stay in helper need to train and trust need to build up in a period of time. Anyone can advise?

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I prefer Helper. She can take care of the baby as well as settle the household chores while the baby is sleeping. Once u return from work, u can spend time with baby u don't have to worry abt cleaning or cooking. Of course you have to install camera in your house and let the agency know u will be monitoring from Work.

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Infant care(: so that your helper can concentrate on the household chores. Your baby will also learn something at childcare centres

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Maybe can try to look for nannies that takes care at their house near your place

3y ago

Plus nanny don't need to train.

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I would still prefer infant care over helper, just my personal preference

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I prefer to put them in infant care, good for their development

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Infant care better for baby's development

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I still think infant care better

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If you trust the helper enough

Infant care is worth it.

If you trust the helper