I’m having high fever & didn’t carry my baby since 2 days afraid she will get sick. I notice this 2 days she keep crying & having difficulty to sleep. Is she missing her mom since I’m around but sadly that I couldn’t carry her.

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take care .. tp carry laa your baby jugak .. cuma jgn cium dia sgt .. she missed her mom tu

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Maybe, but it's okay. Ask for your husband help. Stay strong and get well soon, dear!

Maybe it is okay if u just hug her for a while to comfort her.. 🤗🤗

3y ago

U r right.. I did it & it’s works she fall asleeep on me. I miss her and she misses me as we’ll. Motherhood

could be. Have u taken ur medicine?

3y ago

🥰 still fever I carried her last night & she’s so comfortable. Yes medicine taken.