1-3 weeks pregnant

I’m so happy that my wife is pregnant ? I’m a first time father? now the question is, can a pregnant lady eat very spicy food and lots of chilli ? Cos she can’t eat food without chilli ??‍♂️

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Still can eat, if not, she may crave it, which is worse. But try to eat less frequently and maybe not so spicy. Also keep in mind the cleanliness of the food

i am in third trimester and am eating spicy food everyday because I am craving badly. i even eat curry once a week. as long as not every meal should be ok.

Depends on individual. I cannot live without spicy food too and sometimes i’ll get heartburn but that’s on me.

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It can be taken moderately as these spicy foods can cause heart burn and digestive issues if taken too much.


Can eat. But depends on the spiciness, it may cause heartburn and uncomfortable if too spicy.

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Spicy food gave me heart burn when I was pregnant. Maybe need to lessen it.

Can. But for me second trimester I heart burn even ever I eat spicy food.

I still eat. Unless after she eat feel uncomfortable otherwise is safe

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Congratulations ! Everything moderate don’t eat too much .

Can...but in moderate...scare stomach ache. Congratulatiom