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Does anyone knows any company who hires preggy moms as part timers?
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Very few companies will hire preggy moms. You may want to call the job agenCy and request for telemarketing, data entry accounting jobs etc
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I need one also :/
Morning sickness
Hi ladies, do share which week did your nausea started?
Around week 4 but week 5-6 getting worst
6 weeks onwards
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Week 4 and now at week 13 still sometimes occurs after eating 😅
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6 week onwards
Week 5
Its unclear
Hi ladies, I'm unsure if this is possibly a BFP (BigFatPositive) or Not? 5 days to my period. Help enlighten me! Thank you.
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Super Mum
Too early to test. Try nearer to ur period and use those test kit that says “can detect early pregnancy” eg: clearblue digital
Try again 2-3 days. It looks faint positive
Test it once you wake up in the morning. The very first want
Hey, It seems positive but please test again after 2-3 days
Try to take your urine in the morning, thats when the HCG is high.
Hi ladies, Mind sharing how long/quick was your wait when you try to conceive right after marriage? What was your longest?
It took us 2 yrs
2 years
We waited for 1.5 years before trying due to our financial situation. When we were ready, we started trying and were pleasantly surprised that we conceived so quickly! We used Natural Family Planning
I’ve been married for 6 years and still yet to conceive. We went for adoption while waiting and now very busy with our 4 month old adopted baby :D
Me 1st 2yr miscarriage d 5th yr 1st born