Can we still take spicy food during pregnancy?

I'm someone who can't go without chilli. Do we really have to stop taking spicy food once we find out that we are pregnant?

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Love love love spicy food and I’m currently 30 weeks and didn’t cut down on any spicy food since the start of my pregnancy. Got nagged at by husband and mom but baby’s doing well so I don’t intend on stopping hehe. Just that some days my acid reflux is worse than most days. Other than that, I feel fine.

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2mo ago

I’ve always had a good tolerance for spicy food. Even now in pregnancy. The only difference is I get heartburn afterwards. But no upset stomach or diarrhoea.

Old people will say to avoid spicy food but for me I love spicy food. Tbh I still eat spicy food. But I cut down here and there cause of acid reflux. My baby was born healthy. Ppl say to stay away is usually only because of acid reflux. Spicy food doesn't affect pregnancy 😊

1mo ago

aww great to hear that! 😍😍

never read from anywhere that pregnant cannot eat chilli 🤔 but i automatically cut down on it as it makes my acid reflux and morning sickness worse.. i think the only thing we cannot eat are just alcohol and raw foods! everything else is alright in moderation

2mo ago

I also never read that before. Just heard from some elderly not to take spicy food so I'm kinda confused 😬

I’m a fan of chilli hut strangely I couldn’t take spicy during first tri, now in my second tri I’m sometimes craving for sambal and enjoy food better. Just eat moderately and monitor your stool the next day will do!

2mo ago

For myself also the same. If I ate spicy food the first thing in the morning is to go to the toilet though not diarrhea. And if I don't take spicy food, this won't happen. 🤔

Personally, I don’t cut down the spicy food. I eat moderately just to avoid discomfort to my stomach during pregnancy. The spiciness doesn’t go to the baby. If you’re worried, consult with your gynae .😊

2mo ago

I'm glad to hear that. Eating in moderation is better than no spicy food throughout pregnancy. 😜

So long you eat with moderation, there is no need to cut down completely. I had spicy food just hours before I checked myself to the labour room in my previous pregnancy. 😆😆

2mo ago

Oh I see... now I can finally enjoy my spicy food in peace... hahaha..

I think key is moderation on everything.. I also had craving of Tom yum, instant noodle etc.. so I guess moderation counts . of cos if u say raw then is really a no no..

2mo ago

Wow talk about instant noodle I actually have craving just now and then I was like 'Can I really eat that?'. Hahaha

I was super happy to hear my gynae say no restrictions on spicy food or cold drinks. But still, everything in moderation! :)

2mo ago

awww really?!?!? I'm still thinking is it alright that I've been eating ice cream lately.. hahaha 😆

In my second trimester and I’ve been eating spicy food all along. Non spicy food makes my nausea worse

2mo ago

Do you eat in moderation?

I’m approaching my 2nd tri and the only thing I can eat is spicy food. 🫢

2mo ago

I wish I can eat spicy food as much as I like too 😋😛