1-3 weeks pregnant

I’m so happy that my wife is pregnant ? I’m a first time father? now the question is, can a pregnant lady eat very spicy food and lots of chilli ? Cos she can’t eat food without chilli ??‍♂️

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It’s ok to take in a moderate amount , even I eat spicy food too almost everyday I eat Indian pickles , meanwhile we must cool down body with coconut water and drinking a lot of water to control the heat in body .. better to a paid in 3rd trimester as much as possible

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Congratulations! If she’s used to eating spicy food before she’s pregnant then it wouldn’t be a problem! I’ve been eating very spicy food since primary school days and I’ve never stop eating it during my pregnancy. So I don’t think it is an issue!

Congratulations... It will be very subjective to all the pregnant woman. Some cant even eat at all. And some are eating non stop. Chili shouldn't be any problem if that is what she is craving for. So long it doesnt give her hard time, it should be alright.

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I am in my week 8 keep crave for tom yum and mala hot pot. Doctor say Tom Yum not recommended unless home cook to know what u add. Mala u cook at home wash ingredient properly it ok but not often.

congrats! still can but not so much, 1st trimester i eat bit by bit then stop coz after that stomach pain.. aunt's friend had a miscarriage due to eating spicy sambal belacan in her 1st trimester..

I think she should avoid. I used to like indian food and malay food but totally avoided. Just to be safe. You may want to check under the Food and Nutrition tab under this app.

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Hey.. I eat throughout.. dun feel anything.. they say spicy food causes contractions but I feel.. maybe it means my kind of spicy can cause contractions rather than what the spicy norm is..

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Congratulations.. I love spicy foods too. If it's not spicy i'm not eating. But I ate very little during first trimester and few weeks before deliver. Not too spicy level. Just to be safe..

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Your wife taste / preference of food may change. I used to love Ma la Xiang Guo before preggy, now the oil & chilli puts me off. But she may need to tone down on the chilli

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Can, I did. Depends on her ok? Cause sometime pregnancy hormones is different than usual especially in a early stage she may or may not have a changes in her eating style.