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Can I eat spicy foods while pregnant?

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Yes, you can eat spicy foods while pregnant, but you should do so in moderation and be mindful of your body's reaction. Spicy foods, like those containing chili peppers or other hot spices, can cause heartburn or indigestion for some pregnant individuals, especially as pregnancy hormones can relax the valve that separates the esophagus from the stomach. You can also try Smoothies https://menupricesmy.com/llaollao-menu-malaysia-price/ after spicy food.

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Absolutely! During pregnancy, it's essential to choose safe and delicious options. Absolute Thai menu has delightful choices like their mild yet flavorful green curry, which is a great choice for moms-to-be. They prioritize fresh ingredients and cater to various taste preferences, ensuring a delightful and safe dining experience. https://mlymenu.com/category/thai/

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The Tai Er Menu in Singapore presents a tantalizing odyssey into the rich and diverse landscape of Sichuan cuisine. With a legacy spanning over 300 outlets worldwide, including multiple locations in Singapore, Tai Er's menu offers a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. https://tai-er.org/

I don’t see why not, unless doctor strictly says otherwise. But remember lah, everything in moderation. You can even eat spicy food while breastfeeding. https://sg.theasianparent.com/spicy-food/

I love spicy food. But I realise that now in my third trimester, can't eat too spicy cos will be having more heat burn and acid reflux.

I was also wondering cus I can’t live without Chili 🙊 From the replies I guess it’s safe! 😬

Yup no issue for the baby actually! Just that it might cause some heart burn and discomfort for you.

I love spicy food! But everything in moderation because it can give you frequent heartburn.

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sure why not? but i ate less spicy cos i kept having stomach upset the day after lol

yes! why not.. just in moderation as may cause heartburn in some..