what's the best way to deal wth prolong contraction

im experiencing it rght now..just waiting for labour to come..? it hurts so much! oh God pls make me n baby strong..

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Hello there. You can try few exercises to induce labour naturally. Its happen to me. The more you do exs and keep active. The easier it will be. Good luck. Do lots of squating (yoga). Sit on gymball, breathing exs as well

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4y ago

goodluck! it does hurt but it's for the baby. hold on.

tarik nafas dalam2 melalui hidung dan hembus perlahan2 melalui mulut..

No idea coz 1st time pregnant . anyway, stay strong mommy

kawal pernafasan breath control

try jalan2 utk mudahkan proses bukaan

Support from hubby also necessary

try jaga pernafasan

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Breath right mommy!