Which position to lie on bed?

Hye everyone! I’m in my 12 weeks now. Just wanted to know is it normal that I feel back and front strain pain whenever i lie on my back, face facing up. It’s really uncomfortable. What’s the best way to lie down without hurting the baby. Thank you! #1stimemom

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According to google , haha .. Experts recommend lying on your left side. It improves circulation, giving nutrient-packed blood an easier route from your heart to the placenta to nourish your baby. Lying on the left side also keeps your expanding body weight from pushing down too hard on your liver. While either side is okay, left is best.

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elakkan tidur mcm tu. sebaiknya tidur mengiring supaya saluran darah tu berjalan lancar. nak lebih selesa, beli bantal mengandung bentuk U tu. mmg selesa bila tidur mengiring dgn bantal tu

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Sy beli rm200 bntal U tu. smpai ke sudah x pakai. Sbb sakit kpala kne buang kekabu dlm tu dlu. Tp tak buang2. Mmbazir pulak rasa beli😂

yg saya baca tidur mengiring. belah kiri atau kanan. kalau nak lagi selesa beli pregnancy pillow

Beli bantal full support.. 75ya.. Wife suke sangat

tido mengiring dan sendal bantal bawah perut