Food to avoid and not avoid during pregnancy?

I'm currently in WK 9 of pregnancy and based in Chinese tradition, it seems that there are lots of food to avoid but I'm not so sure. Need advices on what are the foods to avoid and what not. Hoping mummies to be can share their experiences in this ☺️

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My gynae advise me to only avoid the following: - alcohol - excessive coffee or tea (a bit is fine) - raw uncooked or partially cooked meats - uncooked vegetables unless they are prepared well due to fears of hygiene issue - deep ocean fish like tuna, salmon, cod fish due to possibly mercury poisoning - unpasteurized cheese (soft cheese) For Chinese herbs, try not to eat cordyceps or ginseng stuff…those that enhances blood flow and circulation. I think abit is ok but not regularly eat. May cause miscarriage or a difficult/risky labor Everything else just eat!

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2y ago

Thank youuu ☺️for sharing. Will take this in as reference

for me, i avoid raw meat, alcohol, unpasteurised milk & cheese, dont drink cold drinks during the early pregnancy stage, max 2 cup of coffee/tea, raw veggies unless it's cleanly washed. i also avoid seafood as well whether cooked or not. some says baby will get sensitive skin, others say baby's movement will be very fast after baby learns to crawl and it's dangerous.

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took sashimi then realise I'm pregnant 😋so to avoid raw meat, half boil egg, alcohol, cheese, for me salad also. GP told me no papaya. I avoid tea but just had 1 temptation so drank 1 decaff coffee. no Chinese herbs. take less ginger for me cause heard may increase chances of jaundice so I avoid as much as possible.

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2y ago

Okiee thanks again.. I have bad nauseating sometimes.. For calcium, I took the med the doctor gave only.. Not sure if its enough tho..

I avoided Chinese herbs and alcohol, ate everything else including sashimi and cheeses! My general rule of thumb was just to make sure the food comes from safe sources, especially if I’m having raw fish 🙂 Baby is now 28 weeks and growing well!

From my gynae's advice: all Foods that Chinese say "cold" (凉), alcohol, raw beef, tuna (due to high Mercury), raw egg, etc... I always Google before eating certain food if I'm not sure it is safe for pregnant

2y ago

I was surprised when I get to know Chinese spinach 苋菜 is not advice to eat too much as in the ancient time, they use this to make the pregnant lady easier in labour (same like how coconut water works I guess) and also for ladies to abort 😞😞 eat abit is OK but not too much


These are no no: raw food, alcohol, unpasteurised milk or cheese, high mercury type of fish, papaya or pineapple. Chinese herbs also. Other than that, just enjoy whatever food you can savour!

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My list is quite short. Alcohol, caffeine and certain raw foods. I still had sashimi from reputable sources 😅

2y ago

Haha thank you for sharing. Same goes to me.. I know only these foods and drinks to avoid 😂

didn't really avoid anything except herb and alcohol can eat everything in moderation my 2 babies are healthy

2y ago

Thank you for sharing. ☺️

i only know the usual - no alcohol, no raw meat/fish, no raw eggs, no unpasteurized cheese.

2y ago

Thanks for sharing. ☺️

apart from raw food and alcohol, I take everything else in moderation.

2y ago

Thank you ☺️