What food do you guys avoid for first trimester of pregnancy?

I have heard that pineapple, coconut, oranges, grapes are not good during first tri. Are you guys also the same? What kind of food you avoid during early pregnancy?

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After a previous loss, we were very careful, so I literally searched everything whether can eat or cannot eat, especially for first tri. The food section here in the app helps alot. 3rd tri now and I start to relax abit on the cold stuff etc 😅

in 1st trim, I avoided raw food, alcohol (throughout) and all Chinese herbal stuff (since some are very not suitable for pregnancy) but in trim2, I still ate my raw food like sashimi and had herbs accordingly (consulted tcm).

Avoid raw food (avoided salad too) Avoid alcohol Avoid food that’s too spicy. I had pineapple, coconut water, oranges in moderation… baby came out fine and healthy

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Super Mum

I avoided raw food, alcohol, anything cooling and cold drinks.

Please avoid butterfly pea too! Very dangerous for pregnancy

eat as per normal, avoid raw food, alcohol and herbs