I'm a 22yo ftm with a lovely bbg who is 4mths old. i want to have baby no.2 by next year or at least next next year as i dont wna have big age gap between my kids. but my husband is not keen of having no2. so soon.. he worries about the money.. my husband and his brother has an age gap of 5years, and i see their closeness isnt there. they always scold each other etc. whereas myself n my brother only 1yr diff and we r very very close. i want the kind of closeness for my children too not for them to keep fighting everyday....

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The age gap more r less it’s nothing matters, me n my bro 4yrs gap we r very frndly as well, it’s depends on the behaviour .. boy boy always fights , girl boy don’t do much n also girl girl also lil fighting’s should b there .. whatever the fightings r discussions comes, at the end of the day both can’t stay without talking .. so don’t think too much of the age gap..

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2 years gap between siblings is ideal. As for financial wise, as long as there is dual income (both husband and wife are working), it shouldn’t pose much problem supporting two kids as long as spending is within means. :)

My husband age gap with his sister 2 years... but they are not close at all... As for me and my brother we are 8years apart but we are close.... So i think really have to depend on the upbringing also

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Have to communicate with your Husband. After all having a child is 2 person’s responsibility.

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2-3 years age gap is ok. Plus its more about personality and how you raise the siblings rather than just age. Your husband's concern is also very valid, remember the average cost of raising one child to adulthood is 500k so 2 children would be already 1 mil