I am a young single mum of 2 beautiful boys and my youngest is turning 3 at the end of the month his older brother will be 5 in July and hopefully starting school next year for a while now I've been wanting to have another baby I'm going baby mad also I'd really want to try for a girl I've always wanted a daughter and always pictured having a little girl and my boys have a baby sister to protect my oldest is alway livening the idea of babies atm what should I do when I found out I was having my second boy I did cry and I feel guilty for it and I've learnt to deal with it and love them both but now that my youngest is no longer a baby I've been feeling down and wanting a baby and like I said I'm all a lone and I don't want a massive age gap between my youngest son and the next child

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I sincerely hope that someone who truly loves you will find you soon, and make your dream of wanting a baby girl come true. Make a prayer to the God too, coz He knows what best for you.