Losing weight during pregnancy

I'm 22 weeks pregnant but I'm not gaining weight. The doctor said that the baby is looking normal in terms of development but I'm worried that the baby would be small or premature. Any tips on gaining weight?

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Dont worry, during first trimester I’m not gaining as well. I starting to put on weight on 6months onwards

Don’t worry as long as baby is healthy and normal

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I was underweight during the first tri but I only gained weight at the last tri , but so long baby is growing fine and healthy it isn’t an issue . I didn’t gain much weight too and I don’t have a bump as well but baby was fine !!

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Only at last trimester like the last few weeks , but it wasn’t obvious as well ... till a point when I was in labour the nurses at labour ward doubted if I was really 40wks

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I am currently 35weeks and i also did not gain any weight but lost 5kg instead. Baby is growing well and fast.. Not to worry so long the baby is growing.. =)

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Yup. But not that obvious.. looks like i am abt 20-23 weeks only..

Drink avocadoilk

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Drink maternal milk?

Be happy that you are not gaining Now and baby is fine. During third trimester u will gain like nobody's business. If you are really worried, drink lots of fresh milk.

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Its a good thing that your baby is growing but you are not putting on any weight. Alot of mummies will be envy. Haha. Maybe you can try to eat more carbo to gain weight if you want. It's good enough that baby is growing well. Don't have to worry. In 3rd trimester baby will grow more too.

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It's ok if you're not gaining weight as long as your baby is ok. You're only 22 weeks pregnant. You'll gain some weight in the weeks to come.😀

Don’t worry, just make sure u have enough foods. One of my friend whole pregnancy only gained 2kg but ended up she gave birth at 3.2kg.