21 Weeks Scan : Small Baby

Hello, i’m a first time mum and i just had my detailed scan. At the end of the scan, the doctor said my baby is small (below the 10th percentile). The doctor said my baby’s weight is 320g. Is this normal? I’m so worried!! Mind sharing your babies weight at 21 weeks? And tips on how to help baby gain weight? I am not allergic to anything and i usually eat whatever, so i was quite shock to know that my baby is small. Expected the baby to be big (i weigh 73kg) 😣

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hi! I heard eating durian helps but not sure if its some marketing gimmick by durian sellers 😂 personally, my first born was initially 10th percentile too, then fell to 5th.. Instead of having scans once a month, KKH made us check every 2-3 weeks as they fear baby was abnormal, suffer from dwarfism etc.. (Sorry, not meaning to scare u but that was what we were told..) I cried for weeks after, so worried but little we could do.. Only prayed he was alright inside.. I counted his kicks, movements diligently, every hour, just to assure myself he doing good inside 🙏🏼 The decision was made to induce immediately once we hit 37th weeks, as they felt he wasn't growing much, afraid something bad would happen.. Imagine hearing the doctor say: better induce now, scared the baby die inside.. Now he is 3, 50th percentile 😄 eats snacks like nobody's business and has a small bulging tummy even the daycare teacher jokes about it 🤣 So take it easy kaes, eat your meals and vitamins, rest well, some light exercise and try to relax and enjoy time with your baby! If u can, do count baby kicks 👌🏼

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hi.. I'm in the same situation. Next week will be my appt and after the scan will have to decide on to induce or not. do u mind sharing what was your child's wt at birth? I'm just afraid baby will be sent to nicu.

i went for glucose test at 24 weeks n did quick scan; doc say baby weight is about 600g. she say ok normal. then recently went for growth scan at 27 weeks doc say baby weigh is about 950g but baby looks small( i don't have a big bump btw). doc say maybe because im small tats y baby small but nothing to worry about. n imagine the doc even ask me to do blood test on the spot to check if theres any problem that causes baby to be on the smaller size. upon agreeing to it, i was actually shock the amount of blood taken from. its 6 bottles of blood tube. i was quite worried to know baby is small but looking at this post with the comments really got me confuse as why mine small. i can see the big difference on weight size though. Then next week they ask to come again n do detail scan to see againif everything alright. honestly im tired.

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you can try avocado milkshake (home-made) and durian (in moderation). in early of 2nd trimester, i was having home-made avocado milkshade (half an avocado, 2 teaspoon of brown sugar and lactose-free milk each time) 1-2 times a week and had durian (4 seeds each time) twice. The gynae told me my baby was on the bigger side. for next months or so, I was preparing for the GDM test, so i cut the avocado milkshake and durian, and my gynae feedback that the baby is growing well (but nothing about it being on the bigger size). hope this helps! PS: some says chicken essence helps too.

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Was the doc worried? If not, I don’t think need to worry. :) during my 20 weeks scan, my baby was only 275g but my doc was fine with it because it has many more weeks to grow. Honestly, my bump has grown so much since (23 weeks now). Maybe don’t try to gain too much now because really still quite some way to go and it’s always easier to gain than to have to lose later if baby is too big. Just eat well, sleep well!

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My baby weighed 418gm at my 21 week scan.. i think its a little overweight.. i’ve been drinking a lot of milk everyday, not sure if that helped. I actually take Anmum Materna milk, vitasoy, and normal cows milk… hope this will help you.

My bb weighs 326g at my 20w0d scan. Doctor did not mention anything about bb being small, in fact she mentioned that it's on track. don't worry too much, baby still have time to grow!

mine weighs at 336g when i went for my 20 weeks scan. i think yours still ok ba. take avacado will help.

My baby weight at 20w2d anatomy scan was 329gm which is normal the ultrasound tech said.

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have u done the glucose test? dont worry u still have time..high protein food helps alot

mine is 320g at week 21 also.. they didn't say it's too low or anything