Is it normal?

I'm in my 10 weeks of pregnancy. I have recently be eating even up to 5 times a day , mostly meals. But I'm not gaining any weight? Even if I gain 1kg the next few days I would lose the weight and be back at my original weight. Should I be worried?#1stimemom #advicepls

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I was the same as you, I have an extremely high metabolism and it’s hard for me to gain weight but as long as you’re eating then it should be fine. You won’t gain much at 10 weeks yet and that’s fine and normal! I’ve gained about 5kg and I’m at 20 weeks now.

it is good that you can eat because i hv no appetite to eat even at week 16 now. lost 2kg. you do need to watch your own weight and ensure that baby is growing well.

lucky you! at least you are able to eat! I think as long as baby is doing well, don't need to worry. I'm at 11 weeks and have lost about 4kg

If baby is gaining well, no need to worry about mummy’s weight :)