Not gaining weight at 17 weeks

Hi mummies, I'm almost 17 weeks now and still not gaining any weight. Should I be concerned? Did a scan last week and bb is growing fine but I'm paranoid why I'm not gaining any weight even though I had no MS and have been eating well~ Anyone only starting to gain weight much later as well?

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Don't worry! I also didn't gain weight until w19 or 20? But I comfort myself that as long as my weight didn't drop is ok already! Gynae also said that after w20 will gain weight very fast! Seems quite true as I gained 1kg in 1+ to 2 weeks?

5mo ago

thanks for sharing!

Hi! As long as baby is gaining weight, it's all well. I didn't gain a single kg throughout my pregnancy. Initially was worried like you. But all turned out well. I gave birth a month ago.

4mo ago

Hahhaha thank you. Even I was surprised. Perhaps my body has too much fats that my baby was able to absorb from it lolz

I am 20W and have put on 2kg from pre pregnancy weight. But many others have gained more. Each pregnancy is different so just focus on the baby’s growth and eat healthily.

Don't worry! I only start gaining some weight after week 21. Ever lost some weight during my early stages of 2nd trimester. Was concerned and consulted a doctor, it's okay! :)

5mo ago

thanks for the assurance!!

Don’t worry. I drop 3 kg in week 20. My baby size is still good . And he’s growing well too!

5mo ago

alright! thanks for sharing!

no it’s ok as long as bb is growing well