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I’m 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant now. Can I already know the gender of my baby? Planning to go to my OB today.

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Yes. You will know when you do ur detailed scan at wk20. Some gynae can also see the gender at wk16/wk18 Scan too

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Yes, can see through normal scan if baby is not covering anything. If not, the detailed scan would work too.

Super Mum

Yes you can (unless baby is being cheeky and keeps the legs closed throughout the scan). Congrats!

Congrats! Its a joyus moment to know the gender of Baby, do Take great care & stay safe.

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Yes usually be 16-20 weeks can see on ultrasound for baby's gender.

Yup! You can find out the gender during the detailed scan.


Should be able. Talk to your baby before going.

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Yes. Hope u get what u wishing for.

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Yes definitely!

Yes should be