baby gender.

Now I 16 week pregnant ... Can I check my baby gender already or not ?

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Yes you can , i was suprised when my doc revealed my baby’s gender at 14 weeks ! For the first pregnancy though I got to know by 20 weeks only due to baby’s position.

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Blood test at this stage. Otherwise, usually at your 20-22 week scan, at the same time they check for foetal abnormalities

No you will know baby’s gender during the detailed 20 week ultrasound

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Yes if you do a blood test otherwise wait until week 20 during FA scan

Yes, u can do NIPT as early as 10week to know baby gender

Yes if you do blood test. By scanning, earliest is 18weeks.

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Unless you go for nipt test.. If not must wait till 20weeks

Usually can only be check and confirm after 20 weeks

You can do a Harmony test to determine the gender

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yes. but usually is wk20 detailed scan