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Hi, im 21 weeks pregnant and just went for my antenatal scan last 2 days. The sonographer said she sees a baby girl bcuz she did not see any penis and claims according to the thigh bone it looks flat. She said usually its bout 70-80% accuracy. But how accurate is it cuz she didnt confirmed at all. Im planning to start preparing for the arrival of my baby. Hubby wants a boy... MIL wants a girl. And im not even sure of my baby's gender! ? anyone pls??

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The gender of the baby is not made to order. Hope your husband and mil can accept that. Please don't be pressured. You can opt for NIPT test earlier in your pregnancy to confirm the gender.

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Super Mum

Just to share, during initial scan , sonography suggest my baby is girl but few weeks later closer to EDD , the scan confirm boy

Super Mum

What matter most is baby healthy. Anyway if u are really concern, then u gonna wait and ask the gynae to scan to find out

Super Mum

The gynae says most probably a girl and it is true. I got a cute baby girl

Super Mum

You can wait a few weeks more for the next scan to confirm

2y ago

Im afraid of keeping my hopes up for a boy actually. 😔

U can double confirm with ur gynae

2y ago

Maybe i shld try to be patient n wait a while more. 🤔