Sorry My Child

If I off I surely will spend my time with my child. I miss my child after I back to work after maternity leave. I need to work at least have extra income for me to buy my child extra things I want to. Husband gives but is very different from the money I earn... Only weekend able to spend with child. Work life balance anyone??

Sorry My Child
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It’s hard not to work in Singapore where the cost of living is so high. It’s difficult to survive on a single income. I am also dreading the day I need to go back to work. I am hoping to cut down on my own expenses and save up as much as possible so that I can be a stay at home mother when my baby is older.

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Dear mummy~ I feels the same... I am still on maternity leave. I need to put my baby to an infant care when she is about 3.5months. I already start to miss her. But no choice. No work no extra income. Everything need money, regardless it's for ourselves or baby.

I feel the same too just thinking of it makes my heart pain, if only I have my mother to help me TC him, really no choice at the moment, 😢

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It's ok Dear we can do it, we are wonder moms, baby will understand when they grow up

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Don't blame yourself for this, no one's perfect . Just do the best you can, your child will understand when they are older(:

same here too.makes me guilty when she is only 8m old and they grow so fast

Dilemma of working mum. Dont be too hard on yourself

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Not much work life balance unless u are the boss

I also feel this way. Very heart pain

The reality of working mothers :(

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The hard truth. 🙁