How has Motherhood changed me

Being a mother have changed me to be more family and child oriented. In the past, I will spend my free time watching drama, shopping and etc. But after I have my girl, I started reading parenting article and my shopping become mainly for my child. I will also try to keep my weekends free from work and personal gathering just to keep my girl company. Let me know how have motherhood changed you.

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I’m now pregnant, definitely my thinking has shifted more to think about family finances. I stopped spending so much on myself month to month to try to save more money for the baby. I also stay away more from crowded places due to Covid, even though in the past i would have loved shopping. cafes, yoga with friends. Will see how I become after my child is born.

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1y ago

Stay safe during this period. ☺️

Ever since I became a mother, whatever I do revolves around my baby. I have started shopping for cute baby clothes, baby food recipes, parenting articles etc.

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I am not a girl anymore .. I am a mom who gives love unconditionally sacrifice everything to see their child happiness n well-being

Very inspiring!! Thank you for sharing!

1y ago

Thank you for reading my post ☺️

Life changing. Lifetime commitment.