please enlighten me..

Can parents look after a child when they have no money? They think that trying to be responsible is enough for example after missing from child life on and off for 3 years now the father says I will not give up the child and my concrete plan is to come every sunday to spend some time with her..( comes after 6pm leave by 11pm)and he dont have money to feed the child but has money to smoke.

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Super Mum

You need money to look after a child like buying food, clothes, shoes, books, preschool education etc. That’s being responsible as a parent. Yes, you can accompany a child but that’s not being responsible for a child.

2y ago

I know right.. they simply leave the child with us and be occasionally parent that want to claim parent rights just because they gave birth to the child. Yet refuse to fork money for the child. Not forgetting that they have the money to smoke.