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If you can afford raising more kids, would you? What is your greatest concern to giving birth to more kids? Thanks...

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if financially able, i see myself having 2 kids. more than the cost of raising kids, i believe i would want to be able to give my children my 100% throughout the years they spend with me. i also envision some quality years with just me and my husband during our retirement period - discovering new hobbies and places together

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I don't think I will be having more kids. I rather spend more money on 1 or 2 kids than having 5 to 6 kids but unable to spend alot of money on them. Not only that, I feel that if we were to have many kids we will have lesser bonding time for each of them.

So many concerns...rising costs, not enough to save. Then, will have to take a break, so it's more difficult to get back to work. For me, I don't have a helper or relatives who can take care of the kids also...

Even if cost is not an issue, I would still stop at 2, max 3. Above 3, not sure if I will still be able to guide them in their physical activities and studies as they grow older.

No, I will stop at 2. Giving them the quality time and attention (not your helpers) they need while growing up without sacrificing your career has always been a challenge.

I think the biggest concern would be having equal time for my children and my spouse. I have to keep in mind that my spouse needs my quality time and affection too.

A lot of factors but most importantly is not having enough hands to help and financial constraint. I think 2 will be just nice for me.

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they say it takes the entire village to look after a kid, so I think getting enough help would be the biggest concern(:

Yes. The more the merrier, the say! However financial stability would be a concern.

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Yes, I will. Emotional support is very important to me!!