For moms with more than 1 child, what activities do you give your kids to strengthen the bond between the siblings?

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Take them to outings together and each time they are told that mom and dad will have their own picnic bag and they will have their own. So whenever we go for picnics or outings, they both responsibly pack their picnic bag (which is one), and they keep reminding each other to pick this stuff or that. They are one party, so they always stay united and it really straightens their bond.

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Let them have some time on their own before their bedtime. Without any distractions, you will be surprised how creative they can be with their pretend play (when daddy and mummy are not looking). Sometimes, their conversations by themselves are also very amusing. But what I would say is that those unsupervised moments are great bonding moments.

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I just let them do everything together . Playing , watching TV , doing homework and even helping me with household chores . As the younger ones tend to follow what the elder one does so it definitely helps them bond . I let my elder boy feed his younger sis too . He can even help to change her diaper. He's my good helper !

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I will try to get my older son to teach his sister. He love to play teacher . And she love to learn. There are a lot of benefits also, she learn to respect her older brother, they also bond during this time, brother builds more confidence too, most importantly mummy gets some spare time to do housework!

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My kids are now grown up but when they were young I didn't give them any "structured playtime". They would simply sit, laugh, do mock fights, chase each other. The bond forms like that.

I let both my boys play together and do everything together. at times the older one wants to have his space then I'll intervene and help out. Shower time is play time for them as well.

Hi, what I did was to let both of them shower together (I will be showering them eventually) and I'll let them to soap each other.

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Play together! Play pretend But have to be prepared for fight. After all they fight and bond at the same time :D

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I let them play everything together especially those board game need 2 player, this can increase their bonding!

I let them do their daily devotional (quiet time) together and they pray for each other.