What to do with leftover maternity clothes

What do you ladies do with your maternity clothes after you've delivered, and decided not to have any more kids? #maternityclothes #maternitywear

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Well, I will normally bless it away or sell it off if the condition is still good. Having said that you decided not to have, unless you have ligated else there is still chances of getting preggy. It depends how many is your target and how many do you have now. If my desire number is close, I will keep it for at least 2 years before giving it away.

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3mo ago

Same as me. I really keep a few for almost 5 years. Now I pregnant can reuse it. Even baby clothe I will keep a few.

I will donate it to the salvation army or to someone who needs it but is unable to buy. Normally will ask around to see if anyone wants it 1st before heading down to the salvation army.

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bless to others needy who need it or pass down to someone ☺ or just wear at home to feel comfortable as its loose enough . Or donate to charity as many people might be in need

My maternity clothes are usually stretchable basics that I bought from normal shops. I don't have to do anything to them because I can still wear them.

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Donate or bless others. Most of my clothes during pregnancy weren’t “real” maternity clothes so I actually still use them. 😅

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Mine still sitting at home. If anyone needs please reply here so I can pass to you. Have loads of maternity wear to giveaway.

i had friends who passed them to me :) or you could do a blessing on some groups on FB? or donate them to salvation army.

I didn't get real maternity dresses. Mostly those free size elastic dresses which I can still wear after delivery

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Bless them - not everyone can afford to buy a whole new wardrobe for 9 months of use!

Good idea @Rosh and @Melissa, thank you. I earn some karma points too that way :)