Quarrel with hubby after having kids

Do u quarrel more after having kids?? About what?

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My baby is otw, but I foresee we might have conflict in our kid's education. My husband prefers to let the kid grow up happily, freely and no stress so he doenst like the idea of sending kid to tuition or enrichment class. For me, I prefer to let the kids to explore more classes (i.e. Swimming, music, right brain training class and etc.) unless the kid really doesn't like it. Well, we shall see how it goes later 😅

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We quarrel more after we have children. Conflict over parenting, different opinion on how much to push academic, managing children behavior, division of housework and teaching children. Communication is very important

Yes, cuz im less involved in cleaning up his mess, he like to drink tea and throw his dishes in the sink at wee hour. But I still do house work, fully take care of baby and I'm a full time working mom (shift work).


Not alot actually maybe because our parenting mindset are quite inline and we don't have inlaws influence. My mum and my sis are in childcare educational line, so it makes it easier for us also

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Yes... We even quarrelled in front of them. I felt quilted and upset that we did it in front of them. Parenting and action of the attitude are the main issues.

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Unfortunately yes due to different parenting styles but i guess its still healthy because we just want whats best for our child.

Just gave birth 6 days ago. Today got a little conflict with hubby because both of us want to bathe the baby. :D

We do have differing opinions when it comes to parenting but we always talk things out.

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Different in way of teaching. Need time to sort out. Will workout, dun worry

About housework, parenting responsibilities, baby expenses mostly.